Partial Mash Blonde

The Recipe

Name: Partial Mash Blonde
Batch size: 4.75 gallons (partial mash)
Expected OG: 1.048
Expected IBU: 37
Mash: 45 minutes @ 150°F

 3.0 lbs Briess Pilsen DME
 2.5 lbs Warminster floor-malted Maris Otter
 0.375 lbs Carapils

 1.0 oz Cascade  6.9%AA @ 60m
 2.0 oz Ahtanum  3.9%AA @  5m

 1 pack Safale S-05


Had some 3 lb bags of Pils DME originally bought for starters that needed to be used up. Since two bags is way too much for a smal batch of low-gravity beer we partial mashed.

From the mash we got 4 gallons of 1.020 wort for about 80% efficiency. After adding the DME and sparging the grain we started the boil with 4.75 gallons of 1.050 wort. When that was done we had 4.5 gallons of 1.055 wort, which we kegged and topped up with some boiled water to a bit under 5 gallons at 1.051.

Stuffed the keg into the fermentation fridge to chill down to 66°F before pitching a pack of Safale S-05 the next day.

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